Microwave Journal

Broadband Microwave Power Module: PTXM9754

February 22, 2022

The PTXM9754 is an ultra compact modular Microwave Power Module with an integrated “Super Mini” Travelling Wave Tube (TWT), a solid state preamplifier and an optimized high density switch mode power supply to produce a single “drop-in” microwave amplifier block.  

Integration of TWT and Power supply simplifies the system designer’s task by eliminating TWT interconnections (and their associated safety and reliability hazards). Integration further reduces the overall system size, simplifying the installation task.  

The MPM is factory adjusted to optimize TWT performance. No user adjustments are required, simplifying replacement and reducing replacement times in the field. The MPM can be configured to incorporate a variety of TWT models, allowing the user to specify frequency and peak power parameters. 

The PTXM9754 features a broad band (6.0 to 18 GHz) TWT capable of providing 100 W CW across the band. A low gain TWT is specified together with a low noise Solid State Preamplifier to provide optimum noise performance.  

The MPM includes a high speed focus electrode modulator to permit operation at high PRFs. This makes the MPM ideal for pulsed applications such as ECM and Radars. 

A control interface is incorporated which allows remote operation and status monitoring, providing diagnostic outputs for BIT purposes. 

In addition to a very small size and light weight, the unit features excellent thermal management. High electrical efficiency requires minimum cooling and provides high reliability service over a wide temperature range.
By virtue of the fully encapsulated high voltage section, the unit can operate at high altitudes and high humidity. 


These Microwave Power Modules are fully tested to agreed acceptance test procedures before shipment, meeting the demands of high performance Radar and ECM systems.