Microwave Journal

Aligned Microwave Transceiver: SDLVA-2SFB-3UVPX-P4-MAH

November 24, 2021

PTRAN-100M18G-SDLVA-2SFB-3UVPX-P4-MAH fits a 3U Open VPX form factor utilizing high-speed VITA 67 connector. Up-converts 100 MHz-4 GHz transmit signal to 2-18 GHz; down-converts 100 MHz-18 GHz received signal to the 100 MHz-4 GHz IF for analog-digital conversion; equipped with an integrated CW immune Logarithmic Amplifier offering 70 dB dynamic range. https://www.pmi-rf.com/product-details/ptran-100m18g-sdlva-2sfb-3uvpx-p4-mah