Microwave Journal

Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier: SDLVA-0R5G18G-50R-30DBM

November 24, 2021

PMI Model No. SDLVA-0R5G18G-50R-30DBM is an SDLVA designed to operate over the 0.5 to 18.0 GHz frequency range for ultra-high-speed applications while maintaining flatness and accuracy.  Specifications TSS -71 dBm Min, Dynamic range of -70 dBm to 0 dBm, and +30 dBm CW Max input power.  Package size is 3.2" x 1.8" x 0.4" with SMA female connectors.   https://www.pmi-rf.com/product-details/sdlva-0r5g18g-50r-30dbm