Microwave Journal

High-Power Limiter: LM-150M5G-200CW-2KWPK-AGAL

November 1, 2021

PMI Model No. LM-150M5G-200CW-2KWPK-AGAL is a High-Power Limiter that operates over the 0.15 to 5.0 GHz frequency range; a maximum insertion loss of 2 dB; maximum VSWR of 1.7:1;  power handling 200 W CW (+53 dBm) typical, 2 KW Peak Power (+63 dBm) typical (25 us PW, 5% Duty Cycle); flat leakage power +20 dBm typical;  and P1dB +6 dBm minimum.  Has SMA female connectors in a housing measuring 1.00" x 0.68" x 0.35".  https://www.pmi-rf.com/product-details/lm-150m5g-200cw-2kwpk-agal