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Use of OWC for Mobile Use Cases in a Li-Fi Wireless Network Explored In New Book

September 30, 2021

Artech House announced the publication of An Introduction to Optical Wireless Mobile Communications by Harald Haas, Mohamed Sufyan Islim, Cheng Chen and Hanaa Abumarshoud. The use of the optical spectrum for wireless communications has gained significant interest in recent years. Applications range from low-rate simplex transmission links using existing embedded CMOS cameras in smartphones, referred to as optical camera communications, mobile light fidelity (Li-Fi) networking in homes, offices, urban, and subsea environments to free-space gigabit interconnects in data centers and point-to-point long-range wireless backhaul links outdoors and in space. This exciting book focuses on the use of optical wireless communications (OWC) for mobile use cases in a Li-Fi wireless network.

In cellular and wireless communications, a new paradigm shift has emerged, which is the move from the traditional radio frequency spectrum to the optical spectrum. This trend is driven by the ever-increasing demand for secure mobile data through new applications such as holographic displays and artificial intelligence-driven autonomous systems. This book is the first comprehensive reference for the underlying technologies that enable this paradigm shift in the context of sixth generation (6G) cellular communications. In this context, the fundamental advantages of Li-Fi, such as security and data density, as well as existing challenges, are introduced. 

The book provides detailed insights into the modeling of the signal propagation channel for mobile multiuser scenarios. Furthermore, it introduces optical front-end technologies and advanced digital modulation techniques for intensity-modulation/direct-detection systems. It also covers multiuser access, interference mitigation and handover techniques. An overview of recent standardization activities and the commercialization challenges of this disruptive technology are also provided.

An Introduction to Optical Wireless Mobile Communications is available now from Artech House