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DragonWave and Siklu Introduce “Extend” Multi-Gig E-Band Solution

September 22, 2021

COMSovereign Holding Corp. announced that its DragonWave unit and Siklu have officially introduced the “Extend”-line of ultra-high-capacity and long range mmWave radios designed to reliably deliver multi-gigabit connections up to 6 miles (10 km) or more with fiber-equivalent reliability of 99.999 percent.

Extend represents the next evolution of reliable, multi-gigabit mmWave wireless access, combining the robust and highest power packet microwave technology of DragonWave’s Harmony product line with market-leading performance of Siklu’s EtherHaul™ E-Band (70/80 GHz) radios. With Extend, DragonWave and Siklu have introduced a single solution designed to address the need for long range, ultra-high capacity, cost-effective and ultra-reliable wireless connectivity by mobile network operators, rural broadband and wireless internet service providers, public safety organizations, as well as city, state and local municipalities.

“Extend brings unmatched range and reliability to mmWave networks by leveraging Siklu’s top-performing gigabit E-Band radios with the market proven, carrier-grade reliability of DragonWave’s packet microwave technology. We are pleased to expand DragonWave’s addressable market with Extend, allowing us to provide network operators of all kinds with the highest performance, longest-range and most reliable wireless transport solution in the market today,” said Dr. Dustin McIntire, chief technology officer at COMSovereign Holding Corp.

“Network operators around the world have already embraced the unique capabilities and performance benefits of mmWave technology for their most demanding connectivity challenges,” said Ronen Ben-Hamou, CEO of Siklu. “Together with DragonWave, Extend redefines the performance and reliability of mmWave wireless networking, helping us deliver on the promise of multi-gigabit wireless capacity.” 

Siklu’s EtherHaul™ Extend18 and DragonWave’s Harmony Extend 80 are the first products in the new Extend line of ultra-resilient, dual band packet microwave radios. Extend combines a pair of Siklu multi-gigabit EtherHaul™ Kilo radios operating in the popular 70/80 GHz bands with DragonWave’s Harmony EnhancedMC high-power carrier-grade packet microwave solutions operating in the licensed 18 GHz band, to provide unmatched communications range and reliability even in adverse weather situations.

With “single click” simplicity, thanks to adaptive modulation and advanced quality of service of the EtherHaul™ integrated networking engine, during significant rain events, Extend automatically maintains the availability of high priority traffic, switching to the secondary radio hitlessly. After the rain cell has passed, the EtherHaul™ link will automatically revert to its previous capacity load with no loss of traffic. Thanks to Extend’s fully monitored, dual radio design, high performance long distance multi-gigabit capacity is both economical and easy to implement.

Tom Ferris, director U.S. Sales at Alliance Corporation, commented, “Alliance Corporation is a master distributor in the United States and Canada of both Dragonwave Microwave and Siklu Millimeter Wave solutions and is very excited by the new Extend offering because of the compelling value it delivers. This new solution provides DragonWave customers additional bandwidth for their existing or new microwave links and Siklu mmWave customers the ability to achieve greater distances with higher availability than can be achieved by only using 70/80 GHz frequencies. The integrated Extend offering is a best-of-breed solution from the two leading manufacturers of high capacity wireless connectivity, and we are looking forward to bringing this unique solution to our customers.”

Extend is now available from a select list of leading authorized systems integrators and distributors including:

  • Alliance Corporation
  • Baltic Networks 
  • DoubleRadius, Inc.
  • Winncom Technologies