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Airspan Networks Joins 5G Americas Wireless Association

September 8, 2021

5G Americas announced the addition of Airspan Networks Inc. to its Board of Governors. Airspan Networks will join the wireless industry’s leading operators and manufacturers who are crucial to the deployment of 5G and beyond throughout the Americas region.

“Airspan’s experience with 5G networks is helping mobile operators in deployments throughout the world with innovative solutions,” stated Chris Pearson, president of 5G Americas. “We are thrilled to announce that Airspan Networks CEO Eric Stonestrom is joining as the representative to the 5G Americas Board of Governors, as the wireless industry enters an important time of growth addressing new markets.”

Airspan provides innovative 5G solutions including disruptive air interfaces, software, hardware, and end-to-end Open RAN solutions that support multiple splits including all-in-one gNBs that are also interoperable with other vendors. Their portfolio covers indoor and outdoor 5G, Open RAN, private networks for enterprise and industry, fixed wireless access and CBRS. These solutions enable network deployment for a variety of use cases for operators and other entities, including new entrants.

“Airspan is delighted to join the 5G Americas Board of Governors and work with an influential group of wireless industry leaders toward the advancement of 5G and other critical technologies with the potential to transform numerous industries,” said Airspan Networks President and CEO Eric Stonestrom. “We believe we are well-positioned with a dynamic portfolio of 5G indoor and outdoor technology solutions to take advantage of the massive and growing 5G total addressable market.  We are excited to drive continued industry-wide progress and innovation, which will be accelerated by joining the 5G Americas Board of Governors.”

The addition of Airspan Networks to the Association brings increased 5G expertise in the evolving digital and Open RAN ecosystem, including areas like those covered in 5G Americas white papers exploring Private and Enterprise Networks and Transition Toward Open and Interoperable Networks.