Microwave Journal

Richardson RFPD Announces Availability of Analog Devices’ Multi-channel, Mixed-signal RF Converters

August 23, 2021

Richardson RFPD, Inc announced the availability and full design support capabilities for two highly integrated high speed converters from Analog Devices, Inc.

The AD9081 and AD9082 mixed-signal front-ends combine high performance analog and digital signal processing and allow designers to install multiband radios in the same footprint as single-band radios. By shifting more of the frequency translation and filtering from the analog to the digital domain, the AD9081/2 provides designers with the software configurability to customize radios.

ADI’s MxFE platform processes more of the RF spectrum band and embeds DSP functions on-chip to enable the user to configure the programmable filters and digital up- and down-conversion blocks to meet specific radio signal bandwidth requirements. This results in a 10x power reduction compared to architectures that perform RF conversion and filtering on the field-programmable gate array, while freeing up valuable processor resources or allowing designers to use a more cost-effective FPGA.

The new AD9081/2 MxFE platform is suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Wireless communications infrastructure
  • Microwave point-to-point, E-Band and 5G mmWave
  • Broadband communications systems
  • DOCSIS 3.1 and 4.0 CMTS
  • Phased array radar and electronic warfare
  • Electronic test and measurement systems.

The AD9081 MxFE® includes four 16-bit, 12 gigasample-per-second RF digital-to-analog converter cores and four 12-bit, 4 GSPS RF analog-to-digital converter cores. The AD9082 MxFE® includes four 16-bit, 12 GSPS RF DAC cores and two 12-bit, 6 GSPS RF ADC cores. 

Both devices feature eight transmit lanes and eight receive lanes that support 24.75 Gbps/lane JESD204C or 15.5 Gbps/lane JESD204B standards. They are available in 15 x 15 mm BGA packages.