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RFS Launches IoT Lab to Enable Proof of Concept Testing for Smart Cities

Wireless specialist builds state of the art testing center for enterprises and municipalities looking to deliver IoT solutions

July 16, 2021

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of total-package solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, announced a new IoT lab to open in Hannover, Germany, with plans for a second facility in the U.S. towards the end of 2021.

The decision to open the lab facility comes after feedback that many customers are facing confusion when it comes to designing the best infrastructure to support specific applications. The lab will enable them to evaluate the various options and make an informed decision on the best solution for their locations, without incurring significant trial and error costs. Mainly working with enterprises and municipalities, a key focus area will be to help with the design of street level architecture to support smart city applications.  

The RFS IoT Lab will offer the testing with a range of infrastructure solutions designed for urban environments, complete with communications radios, various IoT devices and management control software. This can be tested using state of the art monitoring, IoT sensors and 4G/5G communications. Customers will be able to actively control and monitor a variety of IoT devices to determine the best solution for their environment. Additionally, MNO’s will be able to test their radio network designs for street level densification.

Dietmar Brunsch, team technical lead, stated, “We hope the launch of the IoT Lab in Hanover will be a very exciting step for both our customers and the industry. The commercial success of IoT and 5G hinges on the ability to deliver efficient systems that truly perform when it comes to ROI. This facility will give customers the chance to test solutions in a ‘real-world’ environment, allowing them to make informed decisions in a cost-effective way to ensure that Smart Cities live up to their potential.”