Microwave Journal

Filter Bank: AM3186

June 30, 2021

AM3186 is a sub-octave fixed bandpass filter bank covering the 6 GHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range. The filter bank contains 5 bandpass filters with full 1 GHz overlap as well as an integrated, low-loss filter bypass path. AM3186 is an excellent front-end filter bank for a broadband receiver, or transmitter. AM3186 is packaged in a 5mm QFN package and operates over the -40C to +85C temperature range.


  • Sub-Octave Filter Bank
  • Integrated Switches
  • Integrated Control Line Filtering
  • 6 dB Insertion Loss
  • 20 GHz Bypass Path
  • +36 dBm IIP3
  • +5.0 V Supply
  • +3.3 to +5.0 V Control
  • 5mm QFN Package
  • -40C to +85C Operation 
  • 5mm QFN package