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Vaunix RF Test Device Equipment Catalog Includes New Devices and Rack Mount Designs

RF Test Device Equipment Catalog

June 23, 2021

Vaunix has announced the release of their new 2021 product guide which provides performance details and pricing on over 60 low-cost, portable and programmable Lab Bricks for RF, microwave and wireless automated test equipment (ATE) and engineering test bench applications up to 40 GHz (L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-, K- and Ka-Bands). 

Among the latest RF test device and equipment additions to the Lab Brick lineup include:

  • High-resolution multi-port digital RF step attenuators with Ethernet control
  • An 8 x 8 Matrix Attenuator which offers 90 dB of signal attenuation and an ultra-fine 0.1 dB step size up to 6 GHz. A 64 x 8 option is also available.
  • RF Step Attenuators designed for New Wi-Fi 6 and 6E applications up to 8 GHz
  • (2) Multi-port (4 or 8 ports) RF Attenuators offering 120 dB of control range and 0.1 dB step size up to 8 GHz
  • A 6 GHz to 18 GHz portable RF/microwave signal generator designed for creating chirp signals in military/defense radar applications. It also features 20 MHz per µS frequency sweep.

Also reviewed in the new product guide are Vaunix’s recently released line of 700 MHz to 7.25 GHz (L-, S- and C-Bands) power dividers/combiners which can be used as easy to mount splitters in a number of advanced RF testing applications. Models include:

  • LPD-752-2, a 2-way, 0-degree power divider/combiner with a frequency range of 700 to 7250 MHz featuring excellent amplitude and phase balance along with high port-to-port isolation
  • LPD-752-4, a 4-way, 0-degree power divider/combiner with a tight amplitude balance of 0.5 dB and 6 degrees of phase balance
  • LPD-752-8, an 8-way, 0-degree power divider/combiner. The unique mechanical design offers a space saving via 0.45” connector spacing and recessed SMA flanges for direct panel mount compatibility
  • LPD-752-16, a 16-way, 0-degree power divider with a small footprint of 7.85” by 0.6” for all 16 ports
  • LPD-752-16-2Q, a dual 16-way, rack mount power divider. This compact design simplifies integration into existing ATE configurations. 

ATE designers and RF/microwave subsystem designers alike—particularly those working on advanced radar, wireless handover testing/fading simulation, MIMO, 5G, Wi-Fi and satcom system and antenna applications—will find value in the ease with which lab research and design and field installations can be conducted using the advanced features of these low-cost PC programmable RF and microwave test devices.

Lab Bricks start as low $399 and are available for immediate purchase and delivery directly from Vaunix.