Microwave Journal

Teledyne Storm Unveils New Cable Family: Storm-Test™

May 11, 2021

Teledyne Storm Microwave announced a new cable product line for vector network analyzer (VNA) test leads and other interconnect testing, Storm-Test™, designed to extend a test lead’s useful life while delivering phase stability, critical in precision manufacturing environments where measurement accuracy must be maintained with repeated use over months and years.

The Storm-Test series of test leads expands Storm’s comprehensive portfolio of cable solutions for test and measurement applications, which includes Accu-Test®, Duratest™ and True Blue®. The new Storm-Test 50 GHz expands the frequency and phase stability performance offered by Storm-Test cables. 

“Our testing showed that the new Storm-Test cables lasted significantly longer in real manufacturing test environments than competing products,” said Richard Bahou, director of sales and marketing for Teledyne Storm Microwave. “This allows customers to maintain phase stable measurement accuracy while replacing test cables much less frequently, saving money and time.” 

The Storm-Test 50 GHz series offers two new differentiating features in the VNA test lead market that increase a test lead’s useful life. First, the new cable bend protection solution optimizes product life while delivering mechanical robustness. Secondly, durability is optimized via the braided FEP jacket which aids abrasion resistance, preventing fraying of the outer jacket. It is designed specifically for demanding applications in test, radar, military and aerospace, and offers an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. 

An additional benefit of the new cables is their superior resistance to crushing and torque, dramatically demonstrated showing a passenger car being driven over an example cable and the assembly performing flawlessly in subsequent measurements.

The Storm-Test products offer a variety of phase matching and customization options and are available for immediate ordering and delivery.