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May 13, 2021

Adaura Technologies
Handover Test System AD-HTS8X8

Agile Microwave

The AD-HTS8X8 is a rack-mountable RF handover test system that can be controlled via USB or Ethernet. It features a total of 64 attenuation channels across eight inputs and eight outputs using common SMA or N-type connectors. With a robust attenuation range of 0 to 95 dB, a step size of just 0.25 dB, a wide operating frequency of 500 to 6,000 MHz and Ethernet POE, the AD-HTS8X8 is ideal for many RF testing applications.


PIN Diode Switch

Agile Microwave

Amplical’s SW8A004 SP8T 100 MHz to 20 GHz ultra-broadband absorptive PIN diode switch features low insertion loss, low VSWR, high isolation and fast switching speed. The switch operates from +5 V DC and a negative DC supply ranging from ‐12 to 20 V. The compact design incorporates field replaceable SMA female connectors which can be removed for drop-in microstrip or stripline applications used for 5G communications, radar and EW systems, as well as test equipment and simulators.


5G Active Antenna Innovator Kits

Agile Microwave

A complete 28 GHz mmWave to IF active antenna platform using Anokiwave’s latest generation of ICs. The Innovator Kits provide an out-of-the-box starting platform to prototype, demo and proof of concept mmWave 5G radios, easily scale and develop new systems for any use case and evaluate array level performance of Anokiwave’s ICs. The kits were 100 percent designed, developed and tested by Anokiwave and provide a tool to help customers accelerate their mmWave 5G radio developments.


Besser Associates Inc.
RF Technology Certification

Agile Microwave

RF Technology Certification is an online course designed for professionals who need a solid background in RF and wireless technology and products. The four-part program provides the student with a thorough understanding of RF analytical tools, communication signals, RF devices and test instruments. The program was developed by Besser Associates, a worldwide leader in RF and wireless training.


RF Modeling Software

Agile Microwave

The latest advances in RF and microwave simulation are now available in the RF Module and Wave Optics Module add-on products to the COMSOL Multiphysics® software. New capabilities include port sweeps that enable faster computations of full S-parameter, transmission and reflection coefficient matrices. For periodic structures within metamaterials and plasmonic devices, a powerful new polarization plot tool makes the evaluation and visualization of transmitted and reflected waves significantly easier.


Comtech PST
Solid-State Power Amplifier Module

Agile Microwave

COMTECH PST has integrated a unique programable power control (ALC) feature into a custom designed solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) module. Normally found in larger systems, the ALC feature was redesigned for use in a SSPA module, supporting programable 1 dB step accuracy. The ALC depicted here in their 2 to 6 GHz, 75 W linear SSPA module is used for S- and C-Band datalink applications on UAV, fixed wing or rotary wing platforms where power accuracy is vital for mission success.


Crane Aerospace & Electronics
RF Converter Miniaturization Using Multi-Mix®

Agile Microwave

This wideband RF converter assembly’s package is less than 5” × 2” × 0.5”. Offers 5x to 10x reduction over traditional converters, multi-layer multi-mix motherboard with double-sided SMT populated in a lightweight housing frame that provides excellent RF channelization and isolation, four integrated coherent wideband synthesizers, embedded pre-select frequency filters, fast tuning and settling times and low phase noise.


Custom Microwave
8 × 8 Non-Blocking Matrix

Agile Microwave

A 20 to 40 GHz frequency range makes model CMCI1150 switch matrix 5G ready. This solid-state non-blocking 8 × 8 matrix enables the connection of any of eight inputs to any combination of eight outputs. Intuitive browser graphical user interface, integral embedded processing unit server, easy to network, repeatable and reliable performance of solid-state. Applications include Ku- and Ka-Band RF signal routing and 5G system performance testing.


Exceed Microwave
WR10 Low Pass Filters

Agile Microwave

Exceed Microwave now provides WR10 waveguide filters. LPF-W-95000-20000-12-10 passes 75 to 95 GHz with typical insertion loss of 0.6 dB, 15 dB return loss and 60 dB rejection at 110 GHz.


Fairview Microwave
Double Ridge Waveguide Components

Agile Microwave

Fairview Microwave’s double ridge waveguide components consist of 28 models that include WRD-180, WRD-650 and WRD-750 sizes. These transmission line components deliver superior RF performance, cover wider frequency bands and offer lower cut-off frequencies compared to conventional rectangular waveguide sizes. The product options include double ridge straight sections, bends and twist configurations as well as a series of double ridge waveguide-to-coax adapters. Fairview’s double ridge waveguide components are in-stock and are available for same-day shipping.


Fujian MIcable Electronic Technology Group Co. Ltd
High-Power Directional Coupler

Agile Microwave

Model D30H002005 is a 30 dB high-power directional coupler, it has 1.2:1 maximum main line VSWR, 1.2:1 maximum coupling VSWR, 0.2 dB maximum insertion loss, 30 ± 0.8 dB maximum coupling, ±0.8 dB maximum flatness, 20 dB minimum directivity. The CW power is 500 W average. The size is 177.3 × 20 × 61 mm.

Circular Multi-Coax Cable Assemblies

Agile Microwave

MIcable DC-40 GHz 19-Pin D38999 circular multi-coax cable assemblies are high density, blind mated 19-coax phase matched cable assemblies. They are integrated, high performance easily connected solution. They have 4.92 dB/m at 40 GHz typical cable attenuation, 1.35:1 at 40 GHz maximum VSWR, 75 dB minimum isolation and it is available for phase-match on request. The diameter of the plug circular connector is 48 mm, working temperature is 55°C to +85°C. The applications include base station, antenna, switch matrices test and equipment connection.


GeoSync Microwave Inc.
Frequency Synthesizers

Agile Microwave

GeoSync Microwave’s GFSX-0118 offers exceptionally low phase noise (-135 dBc at 10 MHz offset) and high spurious free dynamic range for up to 16 arbitrarily selected frequency sources over the 1 to 18 GHz bands. Either 4, 8, 12 or 16 sources can be provided in the 2RU size. Integrated jitter is < 70 fS over 100 Hz to 1 MHz offset. A separate +23 dBm output power option is available.


26 to 40 GHz Amplifier

Agile Microwave

Herotek offers a wideband mmWave amplifier. Model A2640205010A operates from 26 to 40 GHz and matched for low VSWR. It has gain of 20 dB with maximum gain variation of ±2.5 dB, noise figure of 5 dB, P1dB output of +10 dBm and current draw of 180 mA at +12 V bias. This amplifier comes in a hermetically sealed package with removable connectors for drop-in assemble and designed for both military and commercial applications.


Integra Technologies Inc.
GaN/SiC RF Power Transistors

Agile Microwave

Integra Technologies Inc. offers an extensive portfolio of high performance GaN/SiC RF power transistors and pallets from P- through X-Band. The IGN1214CW425, designed using Integra’s patented thermally enhanced GaN/SiC technology, operates instantaneously from 1.2 to 1.4 GHz delivering 400 W at 40 V with > 15 dB of power gain at 70 percent efficiency under CW conditions. This product is industry leading for CW efficiency and performance, enabling the next generation of multi-mode radar performance.


Marki Microwave
Surface Mount IQ Mixer

Agile Microwave

The MMIQ-1867SM is the best mmWave surface mount IQ mixer yet! The MMIQ-1867SM features an astounding 48 dB of L-to-R isolation across a wide 18 to 67 GHz frequency range. Combined with 23 GHz of IF bandwidth, this MMIC mixer is the ideal solution for wideband IQ and vector modulation, band shifting and much more at K-, Ka- and V-Bands. Excellent amplitude and phase matching result in 32 dB of image rejection.


Upgrade with MUOS

Agile Microwave

Upgrade your legacy UHF SATCOM to include MUOS, with the FMA-123. This compact unit has performance compatible with MUOS requirements, proven both in field and shipboard operations. Metropole also offers a host of other MUOS compatible units, to include low noise amplifiers, bandpass filters and diplexer/preamplifiers, just to name a few. Metropole products can help you incorporate MUOS into your system.


Broadband Calibrated Noise Source

Agile Microwave

NoiseWave’s NW346 series is a broadband calibrated noise source available in standard output levels 6, 15 and 25 dB ENR. These units are designed for noise figure test and are compatible with standard noise figure meters as well as spectrum analyzers and networks analyzers. They are supplied in rugged standard packaging and are economically priced with delivery typically from stock. Excellent noise flatness is featured over wide bandwidths ideal for a variety of applications such as 5G testing, radar and component characterization.


Yagi Antennas

Agile Microwave

Pasternack’s 400 MHz and 900 MHz yagi antennas are the high-quality solution needed for utilities and land, mobile and radio applications. These new antennas provide 7 to 13 dBi of gain for superior performance and allow easy connections to the network. They feature aluminum powder coating for durability in the toughest environments. They are built to withstand up to 200 mph winds and resist corrosive elements. All antennas are in-stock and available for same-day shipping.

SMT Switches

Agile Microwave

Pasternack’s new series of surface mount, electromechanical relay switches with latching actuators, is designed for high performance relay switching such as military communications. Working with broad frequency coverage from DC to 26 GHz and designed for 5 million lifecycles, their switches are an excellent choice for your next higher-power switching applications in space-limited designs. As always, the items are in-stock and ready to ship today.


Pixus Technologies
Versatile Development Enclosures

Agile Microwave

Pixus Technologies, a provider enclosure and backplane solutions for OpenVPX and RF systems, now offers versatile configurations geared for 3U and 6U OpenVPX and SOSA development. Backplane designs speeds to 100 GbE speeds are available along with various implementations of VITA 66 (optical) and VITA 67 (RF) interfaces. Development enclosures are available in open frame and 19” rackmount options.


Phased Array Beamforming ICs

Agile Microwave

Renesas beamforming ICs enable cost-effective, next-gen system solutions for 5G, satcom and radar applications. Each IC contains multiple independently controlled active channels for element-level beam pattern shaping in ESAs. The compact devices are available in planar BGA or QFN packages to realize very low profile and small form factor phased array antennas with λ/2 element spacing. Tx, Rx or TRx variants are shipping now and cover all of the common 5G and satcom frequency bands.


Solid-State Microwave Generator System

Agile Microwave

RFHIC’s RIU093K0-50TG is a 3 kW, GaN solid-state microwave generator system designed ideally for microwave heating, drying and sterilization applications. The RIU093K0-50TG is a stand-alone type equipped with a 380 to 400 VAC power supply unit, a remote-control unit and an IP-protected internal waveguide. With its pre-built internal waveguide, users can connect it directly to the horn antenna without the need for external waveguides, simplifying integration and lowering overall costs.


Richardson RFPD
Multi-Function Transceiver

Agile Microwave

Analog Devices’ ADRV9029 includes an integrated DPD and CFR engine, which enables the use of lower power, lower cost FPGAs. With quad-channel integration, the radio provides the lowest power, smallest size, common platform solution for 4G/5G applications. The IC is part of the RadioVerse™ technology and design ecosystem. RadioVerse accelerates advanced radio design and development and includes market-leading integrated radio platforms, software tools, evaluation and prototyping platforms, reference designs and full radio solutions.


GaAs HBT Technology

Agile Microwave

Sanan-IC has released its latest GaAs HBT technology called the H20HP11 process, which can meet high linearity requirements in wireless communication applications such as 5G NR HPUE. Excellent PA performance can be obtained together with outstanding harmonic suppression and higher delivered linear power. Its epitaxial structure, developed and manufactured in-house, exhibits lower VCE (offset) and lower knee in its I-V curve.


Spacek Labs
Ka-Band Transceiver

Agile Microwave

Ka-Band transceiver, model TRKa-10, is a custom assembly featuring a transmit and a receive channel sharing a phase-locked LO chain with a 100 MHz reference supplied by the user at a power level of 3 to +3 dBm. Spacek Labs specializes in custom RF assemblies in bandwidths from 10 to 110 GHz and which are built to our customer’s unique electrical and mechanical specifications.


Tamagawa Electronics
Sub-6 Antenna Combiners

Agile Microwave

Tamagawa Electronics announced the Sub-6 antenna combiners for the 5G wireless network systems. The combiners enable easy implementation of 5G Sub-6 (3,400 to 3,600 MHz) system into existing 4G/LTE systems such as WCS2300/IMT2600 (2305 to 2673 MHz) bands and LTE/PCS/AWS(600/700/800/1800/1700/2100/2300 MHz) bands. Minimum isolation between existing bands and Sub-6 (3.6 GHz) is 60 dB minimum PIMD 153 dBc CW 2 × 43 dBm. Quadruplexer, three bands multiplexer are also available for each telecom carrier.


TotalTemp Technologies
SD450-N Thermal Platform

Agile Microwave

New SD450-N thermal platform offers 450 square inches (18” × 25”) of even, wide range, precise thermal testing from 200°C to 100°C. Extended range options, safety features, alternate cooling methods and customization available. New design allows more accessibility, custom fixturing and clamping choices. Great for larger devices with a flat thermally conductive surface. Advanced programmable synergy nano temperature controller can monitor and log one or many points on the device(s) allowing advanced temperature control optimization.


Wenteq Microwave
Broadband Low Noise Amplifier

Agile Microwave

Model ABL1800-01-3330 is a two-stage MMIC based low noise amplifier (LNA) with input limiter over drive protection. It offers 33 dB linear gain and 3.0 dB noise figure with excellent gain flatness and input/output return loss. The unit has a built-in voltage regulator and operates with a single DC power supply voltage. The package size of the amplifier is 1.5 × 1.0 × 0.4”.


Wright Technologies

Agile Microwave

The newly released ASL18B series amplifiers feature extended frequency operation. The ASL18B series LNA consists of gain blocks with +20, +30 and +40 dB. The noise figure levels are +2.0 dB typical, and +2.5 dB maximum 1 to 18 GHz. The output P1dB is +15 dBm typical and +12 dBm minimum 1 to 18 GHz. Like all Wright Tech products, these ASL18B series amplifiers are battle tested and backed with the four-year warranty program.


Phase-Locked Oscillator

Agile Microwave

The SFS16000H-LF is an ideal plug and play solution for radar, SATCOM and T&M applications. It provides a 16 GHz output, when locked to an external 100 MHz source. Excellent phase noise performance at 1 Khz offset of 90 dBc/Hz cascades to 116 dBc/Hz at 100 Khz. Power output is 3 dBm into a 50 ohm load, while operating from 3 and 5 Vcc sources. The SFS16000H-LF is offered in the ZCOMM SFS-L1 package. Measuring just 1 × 1 × 0.215” this compact PLO is well suited for automated surface mount applications.