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NXP Launches First QFN Solution to Enable Wi-Fi 6/6E in Premium Tier Smartphones and Computing Devices

April 28, 2021

OnePlus selected NXP’s QFN RF front-end solution for Wi-Fi 6 for its latest high-end flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 9 featuring Wi-Fi 6.  

NXP’s highly integrated QFN front-end solution for Wi-Fi 6/6E supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless network standard and supports new 6 GHz spectrum. 

The new OnePlus handset is the industry’s first smartphone featuring a Wi-Fi-6 QFN solution, which allows for the smallest possible footprint inside the smartphone. With its higher data rate and increased capacity, Wi-Fi 6 will power new consumer experiences on smartphones and drive the creation of new and compelling applications across a broad range of markets and services.

The new NXP WLAN7205C single channel QFN solution offers a small package with a monolithic integrated power amplifier, switch and low noise amplifier to improve the range capability of the handset’s Wi-Fi communications. The QFN package can be placed close to the antenna, reducing trace losses--unlike dual channel, modular solutions available in the market. This improves transmission and reception, increases battery life for longer Wi-Fi usage and enables faster data transmission for a greater user experience. The WLAN7205C solution offers a level of integration that includes the power amplifier, switch and low noise amplifier in a monolithic die which makes the smallest QFN package possible.