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The CMSE 2021 to Highlight Advancements in Tech for Military & Space Electronic Components

March 31, 2021

The 24th annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference (CMSE 2021), the industry’s premier forum designed to present the best practices for component and project engineers, quality assurance and supply chain personnel engaged in military and space electronic systems, will be held virtually April 19–23, and feature a comprehensive program consisting of four in-depth tutorial sessions and more than 35 technical presentations delivered by experts from industry, government, and academia, as well as a series of three keynotes, two panel discussions, an European Union COTS-focused session, special interactive student sessions, and an invited address from Robin Brown, Obsolescence/Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortages and Parts Management Program Manager for the Department of Defense.

“With the increasing emphasis on the use of commercial components in military and space systems, both government and industry professionals have recognized the need for a specialized technical conference dedicated to best practices for the use of COTS components in military and aerospace systems,” said CMSE 2021 Program Chairman Thomas J. Green. “Now in its 24th year, CMSE has expanded its program with high-quality technical talks, keynote addresses and panel discussions that provide the maximum opportunities for attendee participation and interaction, even in the virtual format. We’ve also recognized the need to foster the development of the next generation of component engineers by expanding our student programs.”

The CMSE 2021 virtual conference provides an opportunity for design engineers, government project managers, and Department of Defense procurement professionals to exchange technical information on a comprehensive range of topics relating to military and COTS components, including:

• Passive components for military and high-reliability space systems

• Use of alternate grade components for military and space applications

• GaN technology for power and high frequency RF devices

• Component reliability

• Supply chain and security issues

The CMSE 2021 Advance Technical Program and schedule of events are available online at https://www.tjgreenllc.com/cmse/2021-advance-program/. Registration for the CMSE 2021 is also now open online at https://store.tjgreenllc.com/product-category/cmse2021/