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Accumet Celebrates its Golden Anniversary

March 12, 2021

Accumet is an industry-leading advanced processing manufacturer for new and legacy materials fabrication, precision laser services, lapping, polishing and critical component assembly. They provide some of the most innovative manufacturing techniques in the industry—techniques they not only perfected over the past half century, but invented. 

When Accumet Engineering Corporation first opened its doors in 1970, America was in the throes of the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Space Race and innumerable sociopolitical turmoils. The American landscape was post-industrial, but pre-automation; man had been to the moon, but had yet to even dream of the world-wide web. But in a small factory in Hudson, Mass, the future of American manufacturing was being engineered, quite literally, by a handful of forward-thinkers. This group of pioneers would, in many ways, set the modern standard for the fabrications industry. 

As the years progressed, Accumet Engineering carved out a reputation for excellence. At the core of the company’s commercial success was its commitment providing its customers with the highest quality products, perfected by skilled engineers and delivered on time. But while the tenets of the business model have always stayed the same, the technology, industry standards and the application of its products have never stopped evolving. 

Accumet Meets Laser Services 

In 2015, current President and CEO Greg Sexton, then the owner of Laser Services Inc. located in Westford, Mass, acquired Accumet Engineering. Sexton has said, “Since purchasing Laser Services back in 2007, I quickly learned that lapping and polishing were complementary businesses. At Laser Services, we routinely subcontracted to Accumet for our lapping and polishing needs. Likewise, Laser Services was Accumet’s go-to laser house. I decided to purchase Accumet in 2015 so that I could offer our clients “one-stop shopping” in relation to materials processing. The combination of the two allow us to process a vast variety of materials to precisely match client specifications.”

Soon after he acquired Accumet Engineering, Sexton merged the two services under the elder company’s name, and the current iteration of Accumet was born. Bringing Laser Services in house meant they could now offer customers a one-stop shop for all of their advanced materials processing needs. This smart supply chain approach meant that the company could provide clients an unparalleled experience: namely, one that could exceed even the most stringent deadline by dramatically shortening turnaround time. 

Planes, Sprains and Automobiles 

Accumet has amassed an incredibly diverse customer base through the decades. From machining parts and materials for the automobile industry, to providing ceramic substrates, metals, tubes, foils, adhesives, frozen epoxies, plastics, RF absorbers and even EMI materials for an array of private technology companies. In fact, in 2020 Accumet was recognized as being one of a few critical partners and industry leaders by Microwaves and RF Magazine. Accument has pioneered and remain at the forefront of every advanced technique for ceramic lapping and polishing and laser processing, and because of this commitment, they are a leading supply chain partner of microelectronics components to every corner of the RF/microwave industry. But arguably, it’s their work in the public sector for which we have rightfully earned a reputation as a materials processing mainstay. For example, recent advancements within the field of laser-drilling, coupled with Accumet’s commitment to investing in up-to-date equipment, have enabled us to stay on the literal cutting edge of manufacturing for the biomedical device, implant and tooling market. Such advantages are invaluable in crafting an array of medical devices and surgical tools, including innovative stents, heart valves, orthopedic devices/assemblies like prosthetic tibias and collar bones and minimally invasive devices commonly used in ophthalmic surgery, laparoscopy and arthroscopy, among others. 

Accumet also boasts a prolific roster of aerospace and national defense contracts. Over the years we have worked on turbines, motors, body parts, electronics, semiconductors, interconnects, flight suits, armor, RF absorber, EMI control, instrumentation, tactical equipment and communication components related to nearly every aspect of airborne, satcom, radar, electronic and ground warfare applications. In fact, since 2019, Accumet has been continually certified compliant with AS9100 standards, a certification which verifies a company commitment to a Total Quality Management System as, “applicable to laser scribing, drilling, cutting, marking, welding and other processing for materials to include ceramics, metals, plastic and adhesives used in the microelectronics, medical, aerospace and commercial industries.” The qualification was assessed and approved by National Quality Assurance, USA, an accredited organization under the Aerospace Registrar Management Program. Accumet is also registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and maintains compliance programs that support the monitoring and control of regulated exports.

Facing New Challenges

But while the company celebrate the past, they can’t help but also look forward. Recognizing that, as ever, the future is uncertain. The novel coronavirus has upended the country, lives and the whole world, in ways which have yet to be entirely realized. Just as the company was born to a nation on the verge of so much change, it celebrates that birth in the midst of an equally tumultuous landscape. And as they close out the past 50 years, they do so with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Now more than ever, recognizing the value of everyday heroes. 

No matter the size, intricacy or specifications of the job, Accumet has been, and will continue to be a leader in the field of advanced materials development, engineering and production; and looks forward to another 50 years of exceeding client expectations at every turn.