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Modelithics Releases the COMPLETE Library v21.0 for Keysight Technologies’ PathWave ADS

COMPLETE Library v21.0

March 8, 2021

Modelithics announced the release of the newest version, version 21.0, of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library for use with Keysight Technologies’ PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) software platform. The new release includes compatibility with PathWave ADS 2021 Update 2 as well as 10 new models representing over 220 components. 

The Modelithics COMPLETE Library contains over 775 highly scalable Microwave Global Models™ representing over 22,000 passive and active components. The library is an indispensable collection of simulation models for all types of passive and active RF/ microwave devices engineered to enable designers to go from concept to product faster and easier. These models for discrete die, surface mount and packaged devices are a must-have for anyone involved in PCB-based RF & Microwave circuit or module design. 

New scalable models in the newest version of this library include passive models for the AVX 1206xC capacitor family, several Taiyo Yuden inductor families, multiple TDK capacitor families, as well as the Passive Plus R35-1209BB and R35-2010BB resistor series. Also included is a new model for the MACOM MA4E1317 Schottky diode series and 2 IMS attenuator family models for A-0805 and IMS1141. 

For more information about this new release and further details on the new models available, please review the v21.0 release notes.