Microwave Journal

Multilayer Chip Ceramic Capacitors: DLC70 Series

February 23, 2021

DLC70 product features include High Q, high power, low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self-resonance, ultra-stable performance.

 Product Applications

  • Typical Functional Applications: Tuning, Bypass, Coupling, Feedback, D.C. Blocking and Impedance Matching.
  • Typical Circuit Applications: UHF/Microwave RF Power Amplifiers, Mixers, Oscillators, Low Noise Amplifiers, Filter Networks, Timing Circuits and Delay Lines. 
  • Typical Applications Field: Wireless Broadcasting Equipment, Mobile Base Stations, GPS Portables, Medical (MRI coils), Radar.

 CDSeries: Dalicap 70 Series High Q High Power Capacitor, Temperature Coefficient: 0±30ppm/C.

 For more information visit http://www.dalicap.com.cn/