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RF Power Divider/Combiner: 802-2-4.250

MECA Electronics broadband power divider/combiners 802-2-4.250, 804-2-4.250 and 808-2-4.250

February 18, 2021

RFMW announced design and sales support for MECA Electronics broadband power divider/combiners. The 802-2-4.250 RF power divider/combiner offers two-way, in-phase performance from 0.5 to 8 GHz. Capable of handling up to 30 W of average power with an operating temperature of -55 to +85°C, it offers phase and amplitude balance generally seen only in narrow band models. Typical insertion loss is 0.8 dB with 22 dB isolation. Available in four-way and eight-way versions as 804-2-4.250 and 808-2-4.250 respectively, the broad band nature of these power divider/combiners eliminates the need to increase the component count in D.A.S systems.