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NewRadio Technology Selects LitePoint IQgig-UWBTM Platform to Ensure Performance of UWB Devices

January 19, 2021

LitePoint announced that ultra wideband (UWB) silicon solution provider, NewRadio Technology Co. Ltd., has standardized on the LitePoint IQgig-UWB™ for design verification of its UWB system on a chip (SoC) series.

UWB delivers ranging/positioning capabilities that have the potential for implementation in all mobile devices and smart homes. UWB’s high precision and secure fine ranging capabilities can be used to determine the distance between peer devices up to 200 meters apart with centimeter-level accuracy. The wireless technology is uniquely suited for a range of applications requiring precise location, including secure hands-free access control, real-time indoor positioning or location-based services for smart homes, smart factories, transportation or healthcare.

“The LitePoint team really understands UWB and has the advanced test technology to help us develop the highest quality UWB chips and system solutions,” said ZhenQi Chen, co-founder and CEO of NewRadio Technology. “Combined with NRT’s deep expertise in UWB positioning and communication technology, I believe this collaboration will promote interoperability between major UWB devices and pave the way to provide seamless user experience with high-quality UWB devices.”

“NRT has been on the leading edge in UWB development and its chip series empowers a wide variety of applications,” said Adam Smith, director of Product Marketing at LitePoint. “With LitePoint’s IQgig-UWB, NRT can develop next-generation UWB devices that take full advantage of the technology’s ultra-accurate, intelligent ranging/positioning and secure communication services.”

Technical Details
NewRadio Technology’s Ursa Major (UMAJ) UWB SoC series provides centimeter-level precision ranging and positioning and wireless communication. The highly integrated form factor and low power consumption of the UMAJ SoCs enable the UWB technology to be applied to 5G smartphones, smart homes, Intelligent automobiles, mobile payment, industrial IoT devices, AR/VR kits and etc.

LitePoint’s IQgig-UWB test platform is the first fully integrated test solution to calibrate and validate devices with UWB technology. The test platform offers complete physical-layer testing and calibration of devices enabled with UWB technology including IEEE 802.15.4z. The system has a precision trigger and response mechanism to enable time of flight measurements with picosecond-level accuracy and comprehensive transmitter and receiver testing with over 1 GHz of single-shot bandwidth and receiver sensitivity testing below -100 dBm.

LitePoint and NewRadio Technology are both members of the FiRa Consortium, a member-driven organization focused on the secure fine ranging and positioning capabilities of UWB technologies.