Microwave Journal

EMITE Releases Support for Wi‐Fi6E MIMO Throughput and SISO TRP/TIS OTA Testing

December 24, 2020

EMITE has made another big step forward in WLAN OTA testing solutions by providing full support to the new W-Band for the 802.11ax standard on its E‐, I‐ and F‐Series Test Platforms, becoming a worldwide‐first to provide fully‐automated TCP/UDP/FTP MIMO OTA Throughput testing as well as SISO TRP/TIS OTA testing capabilities for the new Wi‐Fi band.

The market is currently eagerly expecting the deployment of WiFi6E, with OEMs announcements of the first Wi‐Fi6E‐compatible routers, Access Points and devices within 2021. An additional chuck of 1,200 MHz in the new 6 GHz frequency band provides over 200 percent of channel capacity increase, and devices with Wi‐Fi6E‐compatible radios will benefit from a less crowded spectrum band with enhanced features. The new band is also expected to bring an expansion push for wireless IoT.

The EMITE‐unique monitoring of device temperature, battery level, modulation analyses and PHY Throughput in real‐time measurements is also available for the new release in Wi‐Fi6E.

“We have again brought our test system to the top standard; no other platform worldwide can test these combined MIMO throughput and SISO TRP/TIS performance Over‐The‐Air for both Access Points and Stations as devices under test. A few of our customers are already using it, which will certainly bring advanced features to their own manufactured devices over competitors. It is becoming normal for EMITE to become a worldwide‐first on developments, but we are always equally honored when that happens,” said David A. Sánchez‐Hernández, CEO of EMITE.