Microwave Journal

Pixus Technologies Offers Customization Services for Chassis Panels and Doors

December 10, 2020

Pixus Technologies is providing customized solutions for it’s enclosure paneling for 3U and 6U OpenVPX and other Eurocard-based systems. 

Some front or rear panels for VITA or PICMG based enclosures cover the full length of the 19” rackmount or smaller chassis.  The panels/doors often need cutouts for I/O or special access needs.  Pixus offers the panels/doors with options for hinges, screw mounting, or injector/ejector handles.  A clear chromate is standard with an optional scratch-resistant coating.  Silkscreening and painting services are also available. 

Pixus offers OpenVPX backplane/chassis systems in commercial, development, and MIL rugged formats. The company also provides IEEE and Eurocard components for the embedded computer market.