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ModelithicsĀ® and Piconics Partner to Provide New 3D Models for Conical Inductors Validated Through 67 GHz

3D Models for CC20T44K240G5-C and CC25T47K240G5-C Conical Inductors

December 10, 2020

Piconics and Modelithics announced the availability of 3D models for the CC20T44K240G5-C and CC25T47K240G5-C conical inductors from Piconics. Both models are included in the latest version, v20.8, of the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library for Ansys® HFSS™. 

The new models are validated through multi-substrate S-parameter measurements. Both are validated through 67 GHz, making them well suited for extremely broadband applications. The CC20T44K240G5-C and CC25T47K240G5-C conical inductors have inductance values of 0.170 and 0.250 μH, respectively. In addition, the CC20T44K240G5-C is rated for a maximum current of 325 mA, while the CC25T47K240G5-C has a maximum current rating of 230 mA. Potential use cases for the conical inductors include bias tees, broadband filtering, and multiplexer applications, 

Through the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) program, FREE 90-day use of Modelithics models for Piconics components are available.

The new 3D Modelithics Piconics models are available within the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library v20.8 for Ansys HFSS. For more information about this new release and further details on the new models available, please review the v20.8 release notes.