Microwave Journal

Downconverter: HA7063A

September 28, 2020

Wireless Telecom Group announced today the introduction of the Holzworth HA7063A Downconverter, which extends the capabilities of the Phase Noise Analyzer product portfolio to 50 GHz. The new downconverter solution was specifically designed to address measurement needs of high frequency, wide bandwidth 5G and radar applications as well as seamlessly integrate with the Holzworth HA7000 Series Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzers, enabling both new and existing customers to unlock this extended performance and capability. The HA7063A delivers phase noise and RMS jitter measurements in real time, while providing ultra-low noise measurement floors all within a compact form factor and an optimized price point. Holzworth continues to innovate and deliver a superior value proposition by providing an unmatched combination of price, performance, and form factor.

“Holzworth strives to continually enhance and extend its product line to provide exceptional phase noise measurement capabilities to efficiently and reliably analyze high frequency signals like those found in modern 5G networks and radar systems,” says Joe Koebel, VP of Business Development at Holzworth. “We listened to our customers and have developed the 50 GHz HA7063A Downconverter that works as an add-on to our existing Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzers to meet the needs of our existing and new customers as they move to higher frequencies. The HA7063A is an optimized frequency extension that complements our existing phase noise analysis solutions to address emerging needs while maintaining excellent performance-to-price ratios.”

The HA7063A Downconverter utilizes a unique heterodyne architecture that optimizes measurement noise floors across its entire frequency range, providing both absolute and additive (residual) phase noise measurement capability. The frequency extension enables the expansion of Holzworth Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzers with the distinctive ability to actually measure and quantify the noise floor of the instrument itself. Competitive products merely offer approximated noise floor information that can only be derived while measuring a device under test. The HA7000 Series utilizes high-speed digital processors and unparalleled front-end analog performance to provide a high level of accuracy and acquisition speed, as well as uncompromised performance and data repeatability. The HA7063A’s integration with the HA7000 Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzers is controlled through a single, highly intuitive user interface for simple operation.

Holzworth high-performance phase noise analyzers, RF synthesizers, and peripheral components are relied upon to meet the current and emerging test and measurement needs in semiconductor ATE systems, quantum computing and AI systems, military/aerospace ATE and calibration systems, OEM integrations, and benchtop applications. Holzworth products are designed for ultra-low phase noise performance while delivering proven accuracy, high reliability, automation, flexibility, and optimal performance-to-price ratios.