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Wideband HPAs With Flat Output Power

September 14, 2020

ERZIA Technologies recently announced what it describes as a breakthrough design approach for wideband high power amplifiers (HPA), one achieving both broad frequency coverage and consistent output power across the band. With designs as high as E-Band, these wideband HPAs are among the first to maintain output power in the harshest environments. ERZIA developed these solutions responding to electronic warfare designers expressing frustration with the power variation in wideband systems. Other designers asked for a single HPA capable of serving multi-band applications.

The current lineup of ERZIA wideband HPAs includes models with the following output power-bandwidth combinations: 27 dBm from 1 to 23 GHz, 30 dBm across 2 to 18 GHz, 29 dBm from 15 to 27 GHz, 22 dBm across 17 to 43 GHz, 22 dBm from 24 to 40 GHz, 33 dBm across 26 to 40 GHz, 29 dBm from 33 to 47 GHz and 27 dBm across 75 to 83 GHz.

To illustrate the performance, the Q-Band ERZ-HPA-3300-4700-29 provides 29 dBm saturated output power from 33 to 47 GHz and has 30 dB small-signal gain with ±5 dB gain flatness. Typical VSWR is 1.8:1 and 1.5:1 at the input and output, respectively. The HPA is biased with +12 V and consumes 11 W. It’s packaged in a gold plated aluminum housing with 2.4 mm female connectors. The operating temperature range is -45°C to +85°C.

ERZIA offers two locations for customer orders: Santander, Spain, and Arlington, Va. Many ERZIA amplifier products are available from stock at Richardson RFPD. Founded in 2002, ERZIA specializes in the design and production of RF/microwave low noise amplifiers, high power amplifiers and integrated multi-function assemblies.

ERZIA Technologies
Santander, Spain