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LitePoint’s New IQfactATM™ Improves Economics of Testing Cellular CPE, IoT, Telematics and more

July 28, 2020

LitePoint announced IQfactATM™, a wireless turnkey software automation tool that enables manufacturing verification for wireless products using pre-certified 4G, NBIoT and 5G cellular modules.

These cellular modules are designed to be a practical and easy way to add cellular connectivity to new IoT, customer premise equipment (CPE), mobile broadband, laptop computer and automotive telematics designs. 

The IQfactATM software is intended to provide a simple, out-of-the-box automation solution to ensure end-product quality. The solution is optimized for manufacturing and incorporates LitePoint’s Asynchronous Parallel Test multi-DUT scheduling capability to deliver superior test economics.

“There can be a temptation among wireless device manufacturers to depend entirely on their cellular module suppliers to provide tested wireless connectivity. While the module has been pretested by itself, in order to ensure that the final assembly and software installation is successful, there are some essential parametric tests that can ensure wireless connectivity quality of the end-product”,” said Rex Chen, director of strategic business development at LitePoint. “The IQfactATM software reduces the per-unit testing costs with a turnkey automation test software solution suitable for pre-certified CPE, IoT, Telematics and other mobile products.”