Microwave Journal

Catalog Update

October 1, 2001

Catalog Update

Thick Film Technology Catalog

This 14-page catalog features the company's various thick film technology products, including circuits and substrates, chip attenuators, and chip resistors. Product specifications, sizes, performance characteristics and part numbers are included. A substrate design guide is provided as well.

Amitron Inc., North Andover, MA (978) 686-1882.

Circle No. 310

Aluminum Nitride Catalog

This catalog features Hi-Therm™ aluminum nitride, a high priority ceramic with superior microstructural and chemical uniformity that results in very consistent properties. Hi-Therm is best suited for heat sink, power transistor module, high frequency device and laser diode submount applications. Key specifications and a thermal conductivity graph are provided.

Carborundum Corp., Sanborn, NY (716) 731-9200.

Circle No. 318

LWP Lightwave Series Probe

This catalog features the LWP series Lightwave Probe, which enables optical measurements for on-wafer and hybrid photonics devices. If features user replaceable fiber pigtails allowing the probe to be optimized for a variety of light delivery and light collection applications including the characterization of topside illuminated photodiodes.

Cascade Microtech Inc., Beaverton, OR (503) 601-1181.

Circle No. 311

RF & Microwave Instruments Catalog

This 13-page catalog features the company's RF and microwave instruments, such as receivers, tuners, downconverters, upconverters, digitizers, demodulators, pulse analyzers, IF-to-baseband converters and multi-couplers. Product photographs, specifications, features and outline drawings are provided. Domestic and international sales representatives are also included.

Communication Solutions Inc., Baltimore, MD (410) 344-9000.

Circle No. 313

Communications Antennas

This catalog features communications antennas for wireless LAN, ISM band and small cell applications. The company also features products in RFID data collection, land mobile radio, specialized mobile radio, cellular, security, wireless MAN, amateur radio and other applications.

Cushcraft Corp., Manchester, NH (603) 627-7877.

Circle No. 312

Radio Test System Brochure

This radio test system brochure features HF, VHF, UHF or 2.7 GHz applications for products used in the service market or public safety sector. The brochure outlines the company's entire suite of radio test systems and provides the specifications for each. Free copies of the brochure may be obtained from the company.

IFR Systems Inc., Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352.

Circle No. 314

Full-line Test and Measurement Accessories Catalog

This 100-page catalog highlights accessories and hardware designed for a wide variety of applications, including research and development, automotive, telecommunications, test labs, field service, and plant maintenance, repair and operation. The catalog features over 8000 products developed to facilitate a broad range of design and test requirements.

Pomona Electronics, Pomona, CA (909) 623-3463.

Circle No. 315

Cable Assembly Catalog

This 128-page catalog offers nearly 60,000 stock cable assemblies including the company's line of high quality coaxial connectors, solid center contacts, dual-wall tubing for strain relief and fabrication using only US manufactured coaxial cables. The product line also includes USB, fiber optics and other molded cables. More than 10,000 variations of standard connector interfaces terminate 64 popular coaxial cable types to create this brand selection.

RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries, San Diego, CA (800) 233-1728.

Circle No. 316

Coaxial Connector Catalog

This revised catalog contains the complete range of the company's RF coaxial connector series, such as SMA, SMB, SMC, N, BNC, TNC, 7-16, plus miniature and subminiature series like 1.0 to 2.3, 1.6 to 5.6, MCX, SMP and more. New in the catalog is the mini-SMP series, connectors with extremely small dimensions that can be used for applications up to 65 GHz.

Rosenberger, Tittmonig, Germany +49 (86) 84 18263

Circle No. 317

RF Coaxial Connectors

This catalog offers information about dimensions, cable sizes accommodated, technical data, adapters, cable assembly instructions and a cable connector finder. The catalog can be requested or accessed from the company's Web site.

San-tron Inc., Ipswich, MA (978) 356-1585.

Circle No. 319

RF Cable Assembly Capability Brochure

This six-page brochure features the company's custom RF cable assembly capability. The brochure offers a photographic tour of the company's state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facilities, along with helpful information on how to quickly spec and order products for an application.

Semflex, Mesa, AZ (480) 985-9000.

Circle No. 320

DIE/SMD Pick and Place System Brochure

This illustrated brochure covers the company's general purpose Model 830 semiautomatic pick and place system for die and surface-mount components. The system works with any tape-mounted die removal system, including the company's poker pin type die ejector. Product features, including optional epoxy die bonding capability and their vital specifications are detailed.

Semiconductor Equipment Corp. (SEC), Moorpark, CA (805) 529-2293.

Circle No. 321

Product Folder

This folder provides product data sheets detailing the company's asset recovery programs, custom solutions, equipment supply, materials management and EF & I. Each sheet details the features of each product or service and its applications. The folder also provides a company description and overview.

Somera Communications, Santa Barbara, CA (805) 681-3322.

Circle No. 322

Product Brochure

This four-page brochure features the company's line of amplifiers, filters, frequency multipliers and mixers. Product descriptions, photographs and performance characteristics are provided. A brief company overview and history is also included in the brochure.

Sophia Wireless Inc., Chantilly, VA (703) 961-9573.

Circle No. 323

Product Catalog

This 11-page catalog features the company's semirigid and flexible cable assemblies, low loss flexible cables, stainless steel cable assemblies and cryogenic applications for stainless steel cable assemblies. Product specifications, drawings and applications are included. A cable design/ordering guide is provided.

SSI Cable Corp., Shelton, WA (360) 426-5719.

Circle No. 327

Linear Power Amplifiers

This 12-page catalog features the company's linear and ultra-linear power amplifiers with output powers ranging from 1 to over 360 W. Frequency bands range from 500 MHz to 14 GHz. Product photographs, data and features are provided.

Stealth Microwave, a division of SSB Technologies Inc., Trenton, NJ (888) 772-7791.

Circle No. 324

Space Qualified Components

This brochure describes the company's full line of space qualified components including isolators, circulators, waveguides, iso-adapters, terminations, switches, couplers and crystal oscillators. Depicted in the brochure is an easy to follow color-coded communications satellite configuration that matches the company's frequency range product capabilities of 0.1 to 50.0 GHz.

TRAK Microwave, Tampa, FL (813) 806-3000.

Circle No. 325

Microdot Connector Catalog

This 145-page catalog details information on microminiature D connectors, rectangular connectors, circular connectors and coaxial connectors. This catalog consolidates information previously contained in several catalogs. MICRODOT connectors are used in aerospace, avionics, in-flight entertainment, military instrumentation and control applications.

Tyco Electronics Corp., Harrisburg, PA (800) 522-6752.

Circle No. 326

Diode Mixer Components Catalog

This catalog features the company's line of low cost, high performance diode mixer component products. Product photographs, performance graphs, features, specifications, outline drawings and ordering information are provided.

WJ Communications, San Jose, CA (800) 951-4401.

Circle No. 328

Microwave Coaxial Assemblies

This 84-page catalog features the company's general purpose microwave product line. Product descriptions, specifications and performance graphs are included. Sections on ordering guidelines, formulas, care and handling, and connector interface cleaning are also included.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc., Newark, DE (800) 356-4622.

Circle No. 329

Product Brochure

This brochure features the company's CuPackĀ® electronic packages. A product overview, practical applications, features, specifications and photographs are included. A company overview and sales locations are also provided.

Zentrix Technologies, Tucson, AZ (520) 295-9302.

Circle No. 330