Microwave Journal

EMITE Finds Up to 5 dB Performance Differences in 5G Devices

October 2, 2019

A number of 5G devices have been benchmarked in two different continents with less than 0.5 dB STD differences.  

The benchmarking tests used different 5G signal generation and analysis instruments with the state‐of‐the‐art H‐Series CATR OTA Test System by EMITE. With excellent 15 um peak‐to‐peak manufacturing accuracies, the modified‐design serrated‐edges reflector and hybrid feed‐source, the H‐Series can provide simultaneous operation for sub‐6 GHz and mm‐Wave frequencies using three different test methods, Direct Far Field, Near to Far Field Transformation and Indirect Far Field Compact Antenna Test Range from 0.6 to 110 GHz within a 30 or 60 cm Quiet  Zone.  

Layer‐2 OTA throughputs for a 20 MHz 2x2 NR channel achieved 846 Mbps for some devices, representing 99 percent of the maximum expected throughput. Tx RF power OTA tests have revealed that 5G devices can attain some 5 dB differences in performance.

The integration of different 5G‐based network emulation solutions with EMITE unique 5G OTA test systems enables the 5G mobile device ecosystem to verify 5G key performance indicators of 5G NR devices in an independent manner, which makes the H‐Series the most flexible and independent 5G OTA Test Platform in the market.

“The 5G H‐Series inter‐chamber repeatability and accuracy deviation has demonstrated astonishingly small, E2E test have demonstrated that maximum expected throughputs are achieved and Tx and Rx RF OTA tests have shown that 5G devices can behave very differently, some 5 dB apart, leaving quite an important room for device selection. Being capable of verifying all this in an independent manner is a must for carriers and OEMs, and we have open a very interesting door here,” said Prof. David A. Sanchez‐Hernandez, CEO of EMITE.