Microwave Journal

Precise Measurements on High Speed Digital Signal Lines with the R&S VNAs

September 11, 2019

With continuously increasing data rates, signal integrity aspects of high speed digital designs and the components used become more and more challenging. Particularly at higher data rates, vector network analyzers (VNA) are increasingly replacing traditional time domain reflectometry (TDR) setups for testing passive components such as connectors, cables and PCBs. Users benefit from the higher accuracy, speed and ESD robustness of the VNA, making the VNA the instrument of choice in this field.

Also featured is the R&S ZNBT40 vector network analyzer, a true multiport vector network analyzer with up to 24 integrated test ports and excellent measurement characteristics. The VNA setup covers the measurement of ICs for beamforming antennas for 5G NR applications, and also SATCOM and radar applications.

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