Microwave Journal

Egide USA, Crane Aerospace & Electronics Sign Long-Term Agreement

July 31, 2019

Egide USA announces the signature of a manufacturing and supply contract with its customer Crane Aerospace & Electronics, based in Lynnwood, Wash., for a renewable 18-month period.

This will strengthen the historic business partnership between Crane A&E and Egide USA, and both are looking forward to continuing the excellent business relationship based on this agreement.

In the framework of the new Long-Term Agreement, Egide USA will continue to manufacture Key Components in Crane A&E’s various high-reliability businesses. Egide USA will also provide a “Safety Stock” Quantity of Key Components and Products. This will enable both companies to be more efficient in handling the varying market demands and on time deliveries to all parties concerned.

James Collins, president and CEO of the Egide group, comments, “We are pleased to enter into another supply agreement with one of our historic partners, Crane Electronics. Thanks to this renewed partnership, we will go one step further in the development of our product portfolio. Crane's choice to trust our products confirms the level of quality and the reliability of the products provided by Egide.”

Egide USA provides several unique Technologies including:

  • High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic packages
  • Both Glass-to-Metal and Ceramic-to-Metal hermetic packages
  • Assembly and machining of special Materials and Alloys including: Kovar, Cu-Tungsten, Molybdenum, Cu-Molybdenum, BeO, Aluminum, Titanium, Aluminum Graphite, S-CMC…
  • Plating: Gold, Nickel, Silver and Copper, Electrolytic and Electroless

Applications for hermetic packages from the Egide companies include Thermal Imaging, Optronics, Power and RF/Microwave. Our facility in San Diego, Calif. (Santier Inc.) also provides thermal dissipation material used in various electronic applications.