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Tx/Rx Beamformer IC for 5G Networks: AWMF-0165

June 19, 2019

The 24/26 GHz 5G band is here. Our newest IC family in this band features full RF signal chain functionality that improves performance, reduces cost, and provides digital functionality that simplifies the active antenna array design.

 The AWMF-0165 Tx/Rx Beamformer IC supports dual polarization architectures while adding new and enhanced features to make 3GPP compliant cutting-edge performance even easier while the AWMF-0170 up/down Converter IC provides frequency conversion functionality and a x4 LO multiplier all integrated into a single IC.

 Learn More Link: https://www.anokiwave.com/5g/index.html?utm_source=mwjadvisor&utm_medium=email?utm_campaign=2426

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