Microwave Journal

In-Phase Technologies Announces Industry’s First Core Test Systems for RF/Microwave

June 6, 2019

In-Phase Technologies announces four new Core Test Sets, the first commercial test sets of this type available to the high-frequency ATE market.

Analog and digital test systems are already embracing the new concept of Core Test Sets. Core Test Sets save money through ease of configurability. Now it’s time for the microwave and RF Automated Test Equipment (ATE) community to do the same.

Pre-configured Core Test Systems cut development time in half

With In-Phase Technologies' pre-configured Core Test Sets, test engineers will cut test set development time in half. They also save on development time, manufacturing, and documentation costs. In-Phase assures total system signal integrity among all pre-configured building blocks.

New Core Test Sets: 

  • Analog/Digital Core Test Set (#1342649)for avionics products, power supplies, LCR measurements, low frequency boards (< 1 GHz), electronic loads, etc.
  • Full Transceiver Core Test Set (#1342650) for digital or analog radios, radars, altimeters, frequency translators and components
  • Amplifier Core Test Set (#1342651)for high power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, medium power amplifiers, frequency translators, and components
  • Transmitter Core Test Set (#1342652) for all types of transmitters from analog to digital modulation
  • Receiver Core Test Set (#1342653) for all types of receivers, including analog and digital modulation

These fully developed systems can cross your entire enterprise, being fully reusable, documented and obsolescent-resistant. 

What are Core Test Systems?

An In-Phase Technologies Core Test Set provides a pre-engineered, integrated hardware framework to build a unique test set, including:

  • Set of COTS test equipment in an enclosure, with power and wire management systems, proper air flow, and coiling
  • High density interface with pre-defined signal points
  • LabVIEW instrument drivers designed for hardware abstraction 

The system comes with a complete documentation package for importing your company’s configuration-controlled system. Design and manufacture the Interface Test Adapter (ITA) to interface to the Unit Under Test (UUT). Write test and measurement routines using instrument calls from In-Phase’s hardware abstraction layer driver library, and begin testing.