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N 75 Ohm

75 Ohm RF Type N Precision Connectors

March 14, 2019

75 Ohm RF Type N Precision Portfolio Permits RF Measurements up to 18 and 20 GHz

New communications applications involving the N 75 Ohm interface operate at high frequencies up to 18 and 20 GHz. This has created a need for precise, reliable test equipment for calibration and connection to available 50 Ohm vector network analyzers.

SPINNER 75 Ohm test adapters with Type N connectors are now available in different versions.

They are supplied individually, in a practical case featuring customized calibration coefficients, or as a compact calibration tool with global coefficients. All of them boast outstanding accuracy and optimal electrical properties.

  • Calibration kits offered in a case include open circuits (open), short circuits (short), fixed loads (load) and thru adapters (thru)
  • Compact OSLT calibration kits (4-in-1) in a single handy tool with an ergonomic arrangement of the components, small sized and low weight
  • Precision adapters N 75 Ω to N 50 Ω (DC-18 GHz) / N 75 Ω to 3,5 mm 50 Ω (DC-20 GHz)

For applications in harsh environments, SPINNER is also getting ready to expand its adapter family for reliable connection to a VNA with 3.5 mm NMD ports. This will make it child’s play to set up a 75 Ohm test topology from the DUT to the vector network analyzer at construction sites.


Compact Calibration Kits 4-in-1 OSLT, Type N 75 Ω

Interface - 75 Ohms           

Frequency Range           

 Part Number        

Type N male

 DC to 20 GHz


Type N female  



Precision Inter-Series Adapters 50 to 75 Ω   (Mechanical Only)

Interface A                    75 Ohms         Interface B              50 Ohms     Frequency Range        Part Number
Type N male  3.5 mm female  DC to 20 GHz  BN 876786
Type N female  3.5 mm female  BN 876789
Type N male  Type N female  DC to 18 GHz  BN 876780
Type N female  Type N male  BN 876781
Type N male  Type N male  BN 876782
Type N female  Type N female  BN 876783

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