Microwave Journal

Integrated Module: 6SFB-HF-CC-100M18G-MAH-RX-TX

April 15, 2019

PMI Model No. 6SFB-HF-CC-100M18G-MAH-RX-TX is an integrated module containing two 5-channel switched filter bank covering 100 MHz to 18.0 GHz.

 A lossless receive switched filter band and a lossless transmit switched filter bank allow 1 of 5 filter paths to be chosen. Both filter banks can be used simultaneously in different bands. Other specifications Control Logic 3.3V TTL, Input Power +12 V, -12 V, +5 V, +3.3 V and Operating Temperature -40 ºC to +85 ºC.  Digital/Power Connector is a 15PIN Micro-D (Mating Connector Provided), RF Connectors SMA (F), and package size 4.80" x 3.08" x 0.365"


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