Microwave Journal

Sivers IMA Wins mmWave RFIC Design for Fixed Wireless Access System

January 17, 2019

Sivers IMA has signed an agreement to supply millimeter wave RFICs to an Eastern European broadband wireless access system supplier for new fixed wireless access products planned to be launched before the end of 2019. The size of the order was not disclosed, although Sivers IMA said the customer has “a substantial global footprint.”

"In the last six months, we have had design wins in all major markets, which is a great achievement. This is the eighth company that has decided to base their offerings on Sivers IMA millimeter wave RFICs. We believe this is just the start of this exciting market.” — Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA

In a 2017 report, market research firm SNS Telecom & IT estimated fixed wireless access subscriptions would reach $1 billion in service revenue by the end of 2019, growing at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 84 percent between 2019 and 2025, eventually reaching more than $40 billion in service revenue.