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High-temp Teflon Cables

High-Temp Teflon Cable Assemblies

December 28, 2018

MilesTek’s Teflon-jacketed cables can be used in applications where extreme external or internal heat sources exist that would melt or damage other cable jacket types. Cable conductors are often the most vulnerable components when it comes to heat related failures and Teflon jackets provide the protection they need.

MilesTek now offers 50 Ohm Triaxial cables with Teflon jackets that boast an operating temperature range of -55°C to +200°C. These robust assemblies are offered off-the-shelf with multiple connector combinations including TRB jacks, TRB plugs and blunt ends.

 For more in-depth information on this product visit our site at:  http://www.milestek.com/C-2284-322001.aspx

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