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SAGE Millimeter Product 2  Image STE-SF906-00-S1-1000x1000

F Band, X9 Frequency Extender: STE-SF906-00-S1

November 22, 2018

Model STE-SF908-00-S1 is an F-Band X9 frequency extender that uses an input frequency range of 10 to 15.56 GHz at +5 dBm along with harmonic generation and filtering to produce a 90 to 140 GHz RF signal at -3 dBm.

 The extender is designed and manufactured as a bench top unit to extend the low frequency synthesizer or sweeper without losing all of the functionalities and features. The extender also features adjustable legs to allow for an easy test set up.

 For more information visit www.sagemillimeter.com