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5G-Courses.com Announces New Course: Private LTE Networks

October 29, 2018

5G-Courses.com announces that it has released a new course into its portfolio, entitled: Private LTE Networks.

This course covers technical, practical and business-related aspects of private wireless networks in unlicensed and lightly licensed frequency bands. Radio standards such as MulteFire, LAA, LWA and private LTE are described and compared with traditional standards (Wi-Fi) in an easy-to-understand style.

Leading the class is Oscar Bexell, a subject matter expert in the convergent area of Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Besides his teaching, presentation and cultural interaction skills, Bexell has 20 years of experience with the theoretical, practical and business sides of all flavors of Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G, Bluetooth, LoRa, network architectures, asset tracking, access networks, spectrum and regulatory questions, FWA and IP networking

"Our 5G training programs have been selected by industry leaders around the world. The need for a course that dives deeply and exclusively into Private LTE Networks topics–both technical and business perspectives–was prompted by them,” said Piotr Pietrzyk, CEO at 5G-Courses.com. "I am pleased to offer this course as a self-paced online version as well as onsite training for selected clients."

"5G-Courses.com helps industry clients realize the full potential of their most valuable asset–their staff–by providing comprehensive and cost-effective 5G training programs,” said Oscar Bexell, the subject matter expert behind the Private LTE Networks Course. "I have been very fortunate to join this elite team of subject matter experts, who work on a daily basis as R&D directors, standardization directors, senior architects, policymakers, senior executives and real practitioners with the cutting edge technologies."

Early-Bird Registration is now open on their website.