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SemiGen Featuring Expanded Capabilities at EDI CON USA 2018 After Ion Beam Milling Acquisition

October 16, 2018

SemiGen Inc. has announced that after recently acquiring Ion Beam Milling of Manchester, N.H., they are now offering a full suite of thin film circuits and products along with specialized foundry services to augment their microwave assembly and component solutions offered to microwave RF/manufacturers.

They will be discussing these and other contract services at the 2018 Electronic Design and Innovation Conference (EDI CON) USA on October 17–18 in Booth #206 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Custom and standard components added to their offerings now include thin film circuits, attenuators, lange couplers, filters, diode submounts, planar inductors, standoffs and transmission lines. Additional foundry services also recently added include wafer dicing and metallization.

"Each year, we’re looking to increase our capability to be a dedicated, full service microwave manufacturing partner,” said Tim Filteau, president of SemiGen. “Thin film is a core requirement of many advanced EW and radar subsystems, so we’re proud to be adding it to our suite of in-house solutions.”

Stop by Booth #206 at EDI CON USA 2018 to chat with SemiGen’s team about this new acquisition and learn about their new thin film capabilities and services.