Microwave Journal

New Literature

November 1, 2000

*          Product Brochure

This six-page brochure describes integrated assemblies, converter assemblies, log components, log IFs, components, filter banks and switch filter banks. Product photographs are provided. Descriptions of the company's manufacturing and engineering processes are included, as well as a company mission statement.

San Jose, CA (408) 432-8039.

Circle No. 200

*          Trunking Antenna Catalog

This expanded 800/900/2400 MHz trunking antenna catalog covers all of the company's mobile, portable and fixed station antennas, as well as the latest information on specialized mobile radio, GSM, ISM, spread spectrum, wireless data and wireless local loop antennas and accessories. New products include a unity gain magnet-mount antenna and leaf spring NMO-mount roof antennas.

Antenna Specialists,
an Allen Telecom company,
Cleveland, OH (440) 349-8400.

Circle No. 201

*          CD-ROM Product Catalog

This Electronic Catalog System contains the latest in software, product and technical information on the company's line of electronic components. It includes the latest catalog information on MLC and tantalum capacitors, power supply capacitors, resistor chips, arrays and networks, integrated passive components, thin-film inductors, SMT fuses, transient suppressors, filters, piezos, and timing devices. Company press releases and technical papers are also included along with information on technical seminars.

AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC (803) 946-0414.

Circle No. 212

*          Reference CD-ROM

This comprehensive product reference CD-ROM contains technical information for the company's products, including power tube, photomultiplier and electro-optic product lines. It is updated with thousands of pages of information on new products, technical specifications and reference materials. Access to the information has been made easier and a search feature is included for users looking for specific products or attributes.

Burle Industries Inc.,
Lancaster, PA (800) 366-2875
or (717) 295-6888.

Circle No. 213

*          Signal Processing Component and Subsystem Brochure

This six-page brochure details the company's existing line of subsystems and standard products, as well as new products in development. Product photographs, descriptions, specifications and model numbers are provided. A list of applications, including space and subsurface, military and commercial, is also included.

Cougar Components,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 522-3838.

Circle No. 202

*          Software Brochure

This six-page brochure details the HARBEC™ harmonic balance simulator, which combines robust simulation, high performance design and EM co-simulation with Spice model import capability, an extensive parts library and equations/post processing capability. Features include multi-tone harmonic balance analysis and optimization, DC analysis and optimization, real-time tuning and automatic nonlinear device linearization.

Eagleware Corp.,
Norcross, GA (678) 291-0995.

Circle No. 214

*          Product Brochure

This 20-page brochure lists all of the company's high quality GOLDMOS® metallized LDMOS FETs and easy-to-use 50 O hybrid modules. Flange drawings, technical articles and a decibel-watt conversion table are also included.

Ericsson Microelectronics,
Morgan Hill, CA (877) 465-3667.

Circle No. 203

*          Semiconductor Quick Reference Guide

This four-page reference guide provides information on packaged pHEMTs, discrete pHEMTs, discrete MMICs, InP Gunn diodes and GaAs Gunn diodes. Package configurations, performance characteristics and specifications are provided.

Filtronic, Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-1845.

Circle No. 204

*          Rubidium Catalog

This 12-page catalog features the company's rubidium atomic frequency standards. Highlighted are the model FE-5650A, which measures 3.0" * 3.0" * 1.4", and the model FE-5652A, which has a temperature range of ­40° to +85°C. Specifications and mechanical outlines, as well as application information and conversion charts are provided.

Frequency Electronics,
Mitchel Field, NY (516) 794-4500.

Circle No. 205

*          Broadband RF Product Brochure

This six-page brochure describes the model HI-4000 measurement system, graphical EMF readouts, RF field probes, EMF analysis software and a portable RF survey system. Product photographs, descriptions, features and applications are provided.

Holaday Industries Inc.,
Eden Prairie, MN (612) 934-4920.

Circle No. 206

*          Communications Product Catalog

This 116-page catalog covers a wide range of tool kits, hand and specialty tools, cable, telephone and electrical test equipment, and service aids. Many new products are also featured, including the company's JTS telecom test sets. The catalog can be viewed online at www.jensentel.com 

Jensen Tools Inc.,
Phoenix, AZ (800) 426-1194
or (602) 453-3169.

Circle No. 207

*          Custom Microwave Cable Assembly Catalog

This eight-page catalog features the SMA-M, TNC-F bulkhead and SMA-M 90° cable assemblies. In-depth product descriptions, drawings, specifications, qualifications, performance characteristics, applications and insertion loss vs. frequency graphs are included.

Kaman Aerospace Corp.,
Colorado Springs, CO (719) 635-6954.

Circle No. 208

*          Application Notes

These seven application notes outline the UFB family of UTiFLEX® flexible microwave cable assemblies, focusing on the amplitude and phase stability vs. temperatures ranging from ­50° to +100°C. Each note discusses a specific cable's performance and includes charts showing the percent change in insertion loss at various temperatures as well as phase stability.

Collegeville, PA (800) 223-2629.

Circle No. 209

*          Product Guide

This product guide describes the company's solution to probing with silicon carbide. A high isolation probe station is described. Specifications are listed.

The Micromanipulator Company Inc., Carson City, NV (800) 967-2416
or (775) 882-2400.

Circle No. 210

*          Advanced AC-to-DC Converter Guide

This comprehensive guide, Applying UFM500/
UFM1K AC to DC Converters
(PowerPage™ 46), provides everything design engineers need to apply universal front-end modules (UFM) to their applications. A complete schematic with input filter, input fuse, transient protection and appropriate hold up capacitors is described.

Chatsworth, CA (800) 866-3590.

Circle No. 211


In "The Measurement of Group Delay Using a Microwave System Analyzer," a tutorial by Adrian Jones and Jason McManus that appeared in the August issue of Microwave Journal , Equation 5 should have read


Also, the shorter of the two vectors labeled **s S11 * in Figure A2 should have been designated **L S22 *.