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Speed Waveguide Plumbing, Reduce Leakage

May 13, 2018

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One of the frustrations working with waveguide is the tedious process of interconnecting sections: straight pieces, bends, transitions, antennas, passive and active components. Each connection typically requires mating four waveguide screws and precise alignment of the two waveguide sections to minimize leakage. With any volume—the final test of waveguide components, for example—the cumbersome process adds time and possible errors to R&D or the manufacturing flow.

Quantum Microwave’s GuideLock Millimeter Wave Waveguide Flange Quick Connect Coupling System eliminates the tedium and potential errors. To use, the two pieces of the Quick Connect Coupling System are unscrewed, slipped over the waveguide on each side of the interconnection, then screwed back together, which connects and aligns the two waveguide sections. No tools are needed.

The patent-pending Quick Connect system fits any standard waveguide band, from 50 to 325 GHz (WR15, WR12, WR10 through WR03) and is available in flange connector, adapter and bend formats. The standard flange connector has anti-rotation pins but can be ordered without them.

Adding the Quick Connect system reduces RF leakage and eliminates misalignments for repeatable performance. With a maximum outside diameter under 1 in., it is usable in tight spaces where ball drivers will not fit.

Quantum Microwave
Cohasset, Mass.