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Huawei Launches New OpenLab in Moscow

April 15, 2018

Huawei has announced the opening of OpenLab Moscow – a laboratory and showroom, for the company’s engineers, partners and customers to jointly develop, customize and test new technological solutions. The Moscow OpenLab is the tenth that Huawei has opened to support enterprise customers globally. The company plans to have 20 such labs in place by 2020 following a $200 million investment in the project.

The Huawei OpenLab provides partners with remote access to laboratories under the Lab-as-a-Service model which for example, will allow them to perform integration and testing of a cloud data centre and sectoral apps with the support of Huawei engineers. Generally speaking, the partner program gives access to the resources of the company's engineers and developers, who number over 80 thousand worldwide.

Huawei Moscow OpenLab's areas of focus include finance, transportation, energy, oil and gas and public safety, which are all part of the smart city project. The showroom, which shows what the project will look like in real life once it is completed, is currently affiliated with 51 Russian companies, 23 of them are already involved in project activities.

"Huawei is committed to become the best partner for building a digital society, intelligent social development, and industry digital transformation," said Aiden Wu, President of Huawei Russia during the official opening of OpenLab Moscow. “Our strategy is to develop 'platform + ecosystem', to invest in new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, mobile broadband and SDN, to create an open, flexible, secure and agile ICT infrastructure platform. By building an ecosystem and collaborating extensively with partners we are helping customers achieve success in digital transformation.”

“I am confident that Huawei OpenLab will be very popular both with our customers and with partners, integrators and third-party software vendors,” said Xiao Haijun, General Manager of Russia Enterprise Business Group, Huawei. “While facilitating the growth of Russian developers, such joint activities will be the best way to respond to the market needs and realities in the current environment, as well as enabling a win-win effect for all participants. For Huawei, this is not just a project but a long-term investment in the Russian IT market, an intellectual contribution to the digitization of national economy.”