Microwave Journal

Pickering Electronics Celebrates 50 Years of High Quality Reed Relays

January 29, 2018

Founded in 1968, by the late John Moore, the future of the business Mr. Moore built is bright, with sales in 2017 up by 30 percent on the previous year.

“Fifty years of designing, manufacturing and distributing Reed Relays means that we have a very good understanding of the product we are selling and consider ourselves to be the leaders in Reed Relay technology,” said Graham Dale, technical director at Pickering Electronics. “Since 1968, we have gradually evolved our Reed Relays from very large, relatively crude parts to the small, ultra-reliable parts we have today. Production methods and quality systems have improved a great deal over that time, and costs have been radically reduced.

“When I started designing Reed Relays in the late 1970s, some were saying that these electromechanical devices would have a limited lifetime. Instead, the market for high-quality reed relays has increased into areas that were inconceivable in those days,” Dale added. In 1983, Pickering established SoftCenter® technology, as well as the former-less coil construction which really set them apart from other reed relay manufacturers. Softcenter® protects the sensitive glass/metal seal of the reed switch capsule, thereby increasing contact resistance stability and improves the life expectation of the relay. Former-less coil construction maximizes magnetic drive and increases packing density.

Pickering has now become renowned for designing Reed Relays for high density applications. Just last year at Semicon West they released the World’s smallest footprint Reed Relay–the Series 120 4mm²™, switching up to 1 Amp, whilst stacking on a 4 mm x 4 mm pitch.

The Pickering Group is now comprised of two privately owned companies, who are leading suppliers of high reliability switching solutions; Pickering Electronics, the leaders in Reed Relay design and manufacture, and its sister company; Pickering Interfaces, who since 1988, have been designing and manufacturing modular signal switching and simulation for Switching Systems. The Pickering Group now employ over 380 people worldwide, with manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, along with additional representation in countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

The company’s success is due to its unique ability to design high quality products, a strong vision from their founder, the speed in which they get innovative designs to market, a good relationship with their suppliers and commitment from their much-valued staff.

To celebrate 50 years in business Pickering Electronics have various celebrations planned, including a party for all their staff, as well as publishing a book about the company’s first 50 years. The book features various milestones in Pickering Electronics’ history, along with stories, quotes and personal photographs from their founder, directors and employees. The book will be available to download from the Pickering Electronics’ website from the beginning of February.