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Verizon Opens 5G Incubator

December 15, 2017

Verizon has opened what it calls a “5G-enabled open innovation lab” to create new use cases and applications using Verizon’s pre-commercial 5G technology. Verizon hopes participants in the lab, working with Verizon’s teams, will develop and explore concepts that benefit from the speed and latency potential of 5G. To foster collaboration leading to prototypes and trials, the innovation lab is based at Alley, a co-working community located in New York City.

Toby Redshaw, Verizon’s senior vice president responsible for strategy, innovation and product development, said, “5G brings an entirely new and unique array of benefits and possibilities compared to previous wireless technologies. One of the best ways to unleash the true possibilities of 5G is by getting it into the hands of innovators and visionaries. We see Alley as a logical first place to do just that.”

Verizon will offer dedicated space in Alley to selected participants. Initially, Verizon has invited six start-ups and two academic partners, including pioneers of augmented reality (AR), multi-user virtual reality (VR) and start-ups optimizing video delivery. The initial group comprises

  • Arvizio
  • BriefCam
  • Collinear
  • Holojam
  • Mapfit
  • NGCodec
  • NYU Future Reality Lab
  • Columbia University's Graphics and User Interfaces Lab

Verizon is also working with the NYC Media Lab to host The Combine, a university spin-out accelerator. The company plans to select additional trial participants through university grants, a partnership with NYU's Tandon Futures Lab and ongoing programming, education and events at Alley.