Microwave Journal

Test Equipment

April 1, 2000

Test Equipment

Multiport Test System
The Agilent 87050E multiport test sets can dramatically improve throughput and accuracy when evaluating the performance of 50 W RF components on high volume production lines. The multiport test sets are designed to work with the Agilent 8712E series network analyzers to offer a complete solution up to 3 GHz for measuring devices with up to 12 ports. The Agilent 87050E allows all transmission paths and port reflection characteristics of a multiport device to be completely characterized with a single set of connections to a device’s ports, substantially reducing typical test times by eliminating the need to constantly connect and re-connect components. An integrated local area network interface allows the measurement system to become part of a factory-wide Ethernet network using standard protocols. Prices: $8250 to $14,250 (87050E) and $9750 to $22,250 (8712E). Delivery: eight weeks (ARO).
Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA (800) 452-4844, ext. 6849.

Manual Harmonic Tuner
The model MMT-4006-2H manual microwave tuner covers the 0.4 to 50 GHz frequency range in several medium and large bandwidth model types. Best suited for use in critical RF impedance matching operations, such as load-pull and noise measurements, the manual microwave tuner provides independent tuning of the harmonic impedance at 2 fo . The tuner also allows for fundamental tuning at frequencies between 6 and 40 GHz and second harmonic tuning at any user-defined frequency between 12 and 44 GHz.
Focus Microwaves Inc., St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada (514) 335-6227.

Distortion Measurement Test Set
The model CS29010 fully integrated distortion measurement test set offers high performance arbitrary waveform generation, radio frequency up- and downconversion and wideband recording capability with the deep memory via a 600 MHz Pentium II process with a Windows NT™ operating system. Designed specifically for test and measurement requirements of cellular, PCS, satellite, LMDS, wireless data and data link systems operating in complex multichannel and multisignal environments, the test set can determine key performance characteristics such as noise power ratio, third-order intermodulation distortion and adjacent-channel power ratio. The test set, which includes the company’s unique and easy-to-use LabVIEW™ configured measurement and control software that provides initiation and scroll of test routines, is well suited for a variety of wideband, complex mixed-signal design and development for components, subsystems and systems.
Celerity Systems, a division of L-3 Communications, Thousand Oaks, CA (805) 523-7464.

Microwave Analyzer
The 6800 series microwave system analyzers now have expanded capabilities that include the addition of a high output power source option. The option provides a minimum +10 dBm of leveled power up to 24 GHz, allowing for local oscillator substitution in mixer and converter measurements. The increased output power also increases the dynamic range in scalar and tuned input modes by 5 dB, yielding up to 90 dB for filter and passive component testing. Other features of the 6800 series include frequency versions of 3, 8.4, 20 and 24 GHz, precision scalar network measurements, real-time transmission line fault location with 0.1 percent accuracy and modular design for rapid service. Price: $1620 to $4050, depending on series model. Delivery: four weeks (ARO).
IFR Systems Inc., Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352 or (316) 522-4981.

Interference Analyzer
The BaseStAR™ interference analyzer is designed to protect specific licensed uplink/reverse telecommunications channels (for example, 805 to 821 MHz, 824 to 849 MHz and 1850 to 1910 MHz) by simultaneously monitoring the protected band and potential interference sources located between 50 MHz and 2 GHz. The device can identify interference generated by a single emitter or the interaction of two independent emitters. The analyzer provides information about the source of emission, including the offending company’s name and location, transmitter characteristics and the interference mechanism.
Summitek Instruments, Englewood, CO (303) 768-8080.

Automated Noise Power Ratio Test Set
The model UFX-NPR-22 automated noise power ratio (NPR) test set is a single, self-contained unit that provides accurate NPR measurements and return path laser testing characterization, eliminating the need for a spectrum analyzer or other external hardware. At the push of a button or remote command via a general-purpose interface bus, the unit can perform up to 25 NPR measurements at different input levels, and store on-going measurement results in memory. Noise power output is -60 to 0 dBm and impedance is 50 or 75 W while operating over the 5 to 42 MHz frequency range. (The unit uses industry recommended test procedures for characterizing NPR over dynamic range.)
Noise Com, Paramus, NJ (201) 261-8797.