Microwave Journal

TMD Exhibits at the National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London

October 30, 2017

TMD Technologies Limited (TMD) has been invited to exhibit at the National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London on the 22nd November 2017 and thus highlighting the company’s scientific capability in providing engineering solutions to quantum industry challenges.

The invitation to attend this important event emphasizes TMD’s innovative background and scientific expertise, and is a result of the company’s collaboration with academic and ultra hi-tech industry partners to realize the commercialization of quantum 2.0 technologies. These technologies include small, portable, rugged atomic clocks, clock test and evaluation facilities; compact frequency-stabilized laser sources; and miniature magneto-optical traps.

The UK’s National Quantum Technologies Programme involves substantial government investment over the next five years. It is aimed at advancing the introduction of quantum technologies into the commercial marketplace – to greatly enhance the potential of the U.K.’s established and growing companies and industries and apply the practical benefits of quantum technologies to everyday lives.