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ETL Systems Supplies Equipment for SES Gateways

August 21, 2017

Image courtesy of: www.satellitetoday.com

ETL Systems has provided essential equipment for ground stations and gateways to support three new SES satellites. The company has supplied RF hardware for the six Ka-Band and nine Ku-Band gateways and ground stations, which are located around the world. These include four ground stations in Australia, seven in the USA and two in Brazil.

Within the fully tailored kits ETL provided SES with custom designed switches and 10 MHz splitters, specially designed to meet SES's exact requirements. The ground stations also feature ETL's L-Band and SHF switches, distribution switches and Enigma switch matrix router systems. Enigma offers complete resilience with single points of failure from hot-swap single input and output cards, dual redundant hot-swap power supplies and CPU modules.

"We are very pleased to have been able to support SES in what is a massive achievement for the company," commented Andrew Bond, ETL Systems. "Our equipment is known for its resilience and scalability and is the perfect match for SES's new gateways that are meeting the ever growing demand for a variety of services across the world."