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BAE Systems Unveils Innovative Multiple-Object Tracking Radar for Test Ranges

August 14, 2017

BAE Systems introduced iMOTR™, an innovative, mobile multiple-object tracking radar (MOTR), which uses commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to provide military test and evaluation ranges a higher degree of accuracy in tracking time, space, and position information (TSPI) for objects in flight.

The company developed the iMOTR solution over the past two years using internal research and development funding. The project focuses on leveraging existing in-house radar designs matched with COTS components — including GaN RF and analog-to-digital technologies — to design a highly capable, yet affordable multiple-object tracking radar.

The iMOTR features a C-Band or X-Band active electronically scanned array (AESA) antenna and enhanced clutter suppression for improved accuracy assessments of object launch data, which provides more precise flight-path tracking for objects travelling close to the ground. Tracking information can be shared with other radars or data collection sensors in real-time. The radar is also equipped to provide higher precision TSPI data on a greater number of objects in flight above today’s test range radars. These added capabilities will allow the test and evaluation community to test larger, more complex scenarios that are critical to developing next-generation solutions to enhance national security.

The iMOTR is mounted on a commercial trailer optimized for enhanced mobility. It is also ruggedized and weather-proof to resist shock, dust, sand, humidity and rain to improve performance and sustainability.

Mark Keeler, acting president of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector, said, “The successful design of iMOTR leveraged industry advances in performance, availability, and affordability for both hardware and software. It will deliver a multiple-object tracking radar solution best matched to meet the ever increasing demands of test and evaluation ranges worldwide. Our iMOTR solution is inexpensive compared to the legacy multiple-object tracking radar systems currently in use on test ranges. Yet, it delivers the enhanced radar performance capabilities necessary to meet today’s test range requirements and will also reduce test range operation and sustainment costs.”

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