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Magnetron Transmitter: VPW3475

June 16, 2017

The VPW3475 magnetron transmitter is developed as a fully integrated magnetron system operating up to 350 kW peak power. This microwave transmitter uses a CPI coaxial magnetron as its RF output device. The frequency of operation is magnetron dependent. Any CPI magnetron with RF power range up to 400 kW can be used in this transmitter. CPI provides any modifications required for the particular magnetron chosen. CPI is able to furnish a compact, user-friendly, microwave power source which is also cost effective.

The transmitter cabinet contains the high voltage power supply, magnetron, solid state switch, and the high voltage tank assembly which includes the pulse transformer, energy storage high voltage capacitor, and filament power supply and control system for local or remote operation. CPI provides a complete cabinet with a touch screen controller and dual-directional coupler which is part of the CPI control system for monitoring forward and reflected power. Depending on the options selected CPI can also provide RF isolators and servo-tuners for the magnetron if desired.


  • 350 kW peak power RF output
  • Compatible with multiple magnetrons
  • VSWR protection
  • Modular design for ease of customization
  • Touch screen local control with Ethernet connectivity for remote control and monitoring
  • Air cooled


  • CPI BMD Magnetrons and modulators ensure compatible performance
  • Transmitter is compatible with magnetrons at various power levels and frequencies
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Built in diagnostics and BIT for local or remote troubleshooting.

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