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Marking Laser Helps Microcircuit Designers Improve Processing Yields

50 W TYKMA Electrox Fiber Laser

May 2, 2017

Laser Services is announcing the acquisition of a laser marking system that enables Laser Services to provide higher quality marking on a wider range of materials/surfaces, all facilitating a faster turn-around on marking requirements.

The 50 W TYKMA Electrox fiber laser marking system allows for up to 5-axis marking with frequency capabilities up to 50,000x per second. This new system is a vast improvement over the prior marking laser systems, which provided surface power ratings around 20 W, limited axis capabilities and roughly 1500x per second marking speeds. The key behind this new technology is a diode laser generation, which is more efficient, reliable and faster than previous lamp technologies.

Beyond the shear performance benefits, the new laser marking systems is able to mark on titanium, colored materials and a variety of previously challenging and time consuming surface. The control system for new Laser Services marking system requires less cumbersome programming, which is an additional factor in contributing to faster turn-around and higher quality marking results than previous systems. Laser Services is proud to offer enhanced marking capability that can even provide clear delineation of numbers and letters with small spatial dimensions.

For more information about Laser Services leading laser marking, etching, and engraving systems, visit www.laserservicesusa.com.